2nd race in Spain – Racing in the Rain!

It had been exactly 6 weeks since my previous race, and a lot had changed:

  • I spent 5 weeks receiving medical treatment for a broken finger and nail.
  • I changed residences to a village named “Karrika”.

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The stages of recovery

Having suffered 4 major crashes in the past 25 months has given me the insight and expertise needed to deal with a major athletic setback. I’m no shrink, but I think I’ve earned some creds from the school of hard knocks. If you have a major crash, here are the different stages you can expect in the path to recovery.

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First race in Spain – Part 2 – A lot to be thankful for!

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Fact #1– Humans have anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. That is 2500 to 5000 per each waking hour. This roughly equals to 1 to 3 thoughts per second.

In the second after which I turned back, the 3 thoughts in my head were –

  1. He’s definitely going to crash into me.
  2. That helmet is strikingly blue.
  3. Oh shit! He’s definitely going to crash into me.

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First race in Spain – Part 1 – Crowds, nerves and Descents!

A week late, but I can remember everything that happened like it was this morning.

On 23rd of April, I signed up for my first race in Spain at a town called “Durana”.

I couldn’t have asked for a better race for my first race of the year — the start was just 5kms away from my UMC apartment and it was my “home course” – I had trained extensively on the route and knew exactly what to expect.

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Vodafone Cycling Marathon

I can’t stand misnomers!

Yesterday was my first road race of the season, the Vodafone Cycling Marathon. It had been exactly 5 months since my last road race and I was quite curious to check my fitness level.

With a big prize money on the offering, the VCM attracts the best cyclists of India and this was the perfect place to test, not only my fitness but also my bike handling skills in the bunch.

The race route
The race route

The race was a criterium where we did a 10.5km loop 6 times, with points on the offer every time we crossed the start/finish line. The terrain was: 1.5km down, 1.5km false flat, 1km down, 1km false flat and up-and-down the Domlur flyover twice before returning on the same route.

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BBCh – Individual Time Trial



Exhale…..Right foot……Left foot……right foot….left foot…right foot…left foot..right-left-right-left-righ/lef…..Houston we have Lift off!!

..And thus began my 2015 season! My first race as part of the Specialized KYNKYNY Cycling Team (the best team in the subcontinent), was the BBCh Individual Time Trial. A fairly flat out-and-back course of 33.5km.

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